Nomadifesta 2004

1 Μαΐου 2005

κατηγορία: Άλλες Δραστηριότητες
άτομο: Μυρτώ Μακρίδου

Kasteliotissa, Nicosia

Suitcase made of towel and sponge – protection and sanitation of contents. Inside, there are five bottles and each one has its own symbolism.
A. Bottle with sweets and ballerina-figurine that dances to music. It symbolizes our childhood which we always carry with us whether it was good or bad.
B.Baby- milk-bottle filled with fresh milk. It symbolizes birth, the creation of new people by the old ones, the continuation of human life and perhaps hope for the future.
C. Bottle with sugar. The nourishment a man needs to live.
D. Bottle with light. It symbolizes spiritual nourishment and development or creation that are also necessary for a healthy life.
E.Bottle with candle. A bottle marked with 24 subdivisions, within which there is a candle the size of the bottle. This symbolizes futility and negates the meaning of all previous symbolisms. It lasts for 24 hours, the same as a human day, the same as the happening at Castelliotissa is scheduled to last. All these took place for the short or long time of 24 hours…